Clay Bar Decontamination



Clay Bar Decontamination

Claying is the process of manually removing contaminants from the surface of your vehicles paint, glass, and even wheels. If these contaminants are not removed, it could cause problems with the wax, sealant, or ceramic coating when being applied. An improperly prepared surface will cause the product not to bond properly, giving you lackluster results, or premature failure.


Want smooth paint?

Clay barring is the key. Contaminants that you cannot even see are accumulating on your vehicle on a daily basis.


Want proof?

Take a small plastic bag, put your fingers in it, and very gently glide it across your paint.


Feel that rough, textured feeling?

That is the feeling of bonded contaminants on your paint. Tar, sap, road film, industrial fallout, and more. All of that needs to be removed. A true professional detailer will ALWAYS clay a car before any type of thorough detail package.


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